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What is a Level 2 Electrician and Why Do You Need One?

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As a homeowner, you may come across electrical problems that are beyond the scope of an ordinary electrician. That is when you’ll need to call a level 2 electrician. But you may be wondering who exactly is a level two electrician, and what makes him different?

Let’s find out in this blog.

Who is a Level 2 Accredited Service Provider?

An ASP level 2 electrician is an Accredited Service Provider who has been specifically trained and certified to work on high-voltage electrical systems that are more complex than a simple circuit. Level 2 electricians are authorised to install, upgrade, repair, and alter overhead and underground service connections that run between the consumer mains and the power distribution network.

What Can a Level 2 Electrician Do for You?

While you can always hire a regular electrician for general electrical installations and maintenance on your home, certain tasks require the skills and expertise of an electrician with level 2 accreditation. Have a look:

Temporary or Permanent Connections and Disconnections

A Level 2 electrician is authorised by the electricity distributors to perform permanent or temporary connections, disconnections and reconnections on your property. For example, they can disconnect your electricity for repair and maintenance work on the service lines, due to safety concerns, and also when you haven’t paid your electricity bill in months. Once the issue has been resolved, it is a level 2 electrician who will come and reconnect the power supply to your home.

In addition, Level 2 electrical contractors can also install temporary builder’s supply poles on construction sites to support building and construction work.

Power Upgrades

There are mainly two types of electrical connections; single-phase and 3-phase. Residential properties mostly have a single-phase connection while 3-phase connections are generally installed on commercial and industrial properties. However, if you have a larger home with multiple high-voltage electrical appliances, you may need to upgrade your connection to 3-phase, to meet your electrical requirements and avoid fluctuations. And for that, you’ll have to engage a qualified level 2 ASP electrician to ensure you have a safe and fully-compliant system upgrade.

Electrical Defect Rectifications

In case your current electrical system or wiring does not comply with minimum safety requirements, you will be issued a defect notice by your power distribution network, Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy. Once you have received the notice, you’ll have to get the issue resolved within the given deadline, otherwise, your connection will be disconnected. Level 2 electricians are responsible for rectifications of electrical defects. You can even request for an emergency level 2 electrician if you have a short deadline for defect rectification.

Repairing Damaged Power Cables

Level 2 electrical service also includes the repair and maintenance of damaged or downed power supply cables. Storms, heavy winds, extreme temperatures and even vehicles can damage your overhead or underground cables, leading to electrical hazards. This is an emergency that requires the immediate attention of a licensed level 2 electrician.

Electric Meter Installation

Level 2 electrician or ASP 2 is also authorised to install an electric meter on your home to monitor your power consumption and billing. Other than that, they can perform switchboard upgrades, installation of solar meters, repair or relocation of electric meters, as well as installation of Meter Protection Devices (MPD).

While an ordinary electrician can handle all your general electrical installations and maintenance, such as power-point installation, electrical safety inspections and house rewiring, level 2 electricians have the training and accreditation to carry out more advanced and complex electrical jobs safely and efficiently.

If you are looking for a certified level 2 electrician for your Sydney home, Skyco Trades Electrical has got you covered. We service residential properties all across Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, Georges River, Bayside, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Sydney CBD.

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Have used Joel's electrical services twice over many years and for me, they were excellent. Great service, on time, clean and it all worked when they left. I would use them again.

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One of our outdoor power points got flooded because of the heavy storm. Joel arrived within 30 minutes and was able to quickly and efficiently find the problem and restore the power.He and his team also helped us identify and plan other fixes around the house. Highly recommend!

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