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Our licensed ceiling fan electricians can install new fans, replace old ones and keep your existing fans in perfect working condition.

For efficient installation and repairs of ceiling fans in homes or commercial spaces, call us now. We service the Sutherland Shire, Georges River, Bayside, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Sydney CBD.

Professional Ceiling Fan Installations For Your Sydney Home

We have years of experience in ceiling fan installation, which enables us to work with all types of fans. Here’s a quick look at our process:

If you have already picked out a fan you need, we can send our electrician to install your ceiling fan straight away. 

Alternatively, our professional team would be more than happy to help you pick the right fan for your home. Fan selection is based on many factors, and our expert ceiling fan electrician considers all of them before any recommendation.  We assess the room size and ceiling height, take your budget into account and accordingly suggest a fan which gives you maximum cooling effect and goes well with the room decor too.

Types of Ceiling Fans:

In our years of experience, we have found that there are typically three types of ceiling fans that our customers pick for their homes. Here’s a brief overview of each one:

  • Traditional Ceiling Fans: These fans come with multiple blades and are ideal for large rooms. They have a classic design and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Contemporary Ceiling Fans: If you’re looking for something sleek and stylish, our contemporary ceiling fans are perfect for you. They come in a variety of designs and colors, and can be used to accentuate the decor of your room.

  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans: If you want to enjoy the outdoors without the heat, outdoor ceiling fans are perfect for you. These fans can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and come in a range of designs and colors that you can choose from.


Whichever style and type you select, you can be sure our technicians can get it installed without delay. For installation, we can make use of existing connections, or add new wires as needed to have your fan up and running within no time.


Ceiling fans are either operated with a remote control or hardwired and controlled with a switch. We provide both options to our clients. When there is access in the ceiling for wiring, we install a wall control. But if your home isn’t suitable for hard-wiring, we can easily set up fan access through a remote control, so that you can turn the fan on/ off from right where you are in the room.

Save on Your Electricity Bill This Summer

Ceiling fans are an affordable and energy-efficient way to keep cool in the summers.

When used along with your AC, ceiling fans help circulate the conditioned air around the room. As a result, you don’t have to keep lowering the thermostat to keep the temperature comfortable.

This way your air conditioner doesn’t work as hard, its power usage is reduced, and you can save money on your electricity bill – even in summer!

Ceiling Fan Repair Experts in Sydney

You might be in need of ceiling fan repair if your fan is:

We carry out both installations and repairs for all types of ceiling fans. We can quickly repair a slow moving fan or a rocking, noisy one to give you back your comfort. Or if the fan is beyond repair, we can also get a suitable replacement installed in place.

Why Choose Skyco Trades For Your Ceiling Fan Needs?

Our quick service does not compromise our quality of work. Your safety is our priority and hence safety protocols are followed at all times. To ensure maximum safety, we make sure to mount the ceiling fan with safety cable installation, so that there is no chance of it falling.

For clean and quick ceiling fan installation tailored to your space and budget, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are ceiling fans expensive to run?
    Ceiling fans are inexpensive to run, as the average unit uses about as much energy as a standard light bulb, and most ceiling fans use less than 75 watts of power. Some more expensive models may use up to 200 watts, but these models are designed to move a lot of air and are generally used in larger spaces. You can expect to pay about $30 per year to run a ceiling fan for four hours a day.
  2. Can ceiling fans overheat?
    Ceiling fans can overheat if they are not used properly. If a ceiling fan is left on for too long (for example, if it is left on overnight), it can overheat and cause a fire. Ceiling fans should be turned off when they are not needed, and they should not be left on for more than four hours at a time. You can also reduce the risk of your ceiling fan overheating by making sure that it is not blocked by furniture or curtains, and by making sure that it is not in direct sunlight. Certain fans have timers that will turn the fan off automatically after a set amount of time, which can also help to prevent overheating.
  3. What causes a ceiling fan to wobble?
    If a ceiling fan is wobbling, it is most likely because it is not balanced. This can be caused by a number of things, such as the fan blades being different sizes or weights, the fan being mounted on an uneven surface, or the fan being installed without being properly secured. Our licenced electricians can quickly and easily fix any wobbling ceiling fan wobble and extend its lifespan.
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