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24-Hour Emergency Electrician Services In Sydney


A true after hours service. When you call, we answer.

Electrical emergency services at your doorstep, no matter the time of day.

Your emergency electrician will arrive with all the tools needed to fix your out of hours emergency. We service real estate and strata, residential and commercial clients all over the Sutherland Shire, Georges River, Bayside, the Eastern suburbs, Inner West and Sydney CBD. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Switchboard Upgrading
Switchboard Upgrading
Switchboard Upgrading

Our Services

Whether your house has unexpectedly plunged into darkness, an outlet has started sparking or an appliance is acting up, our 24-hour electrician is trained to provide the most relevant solution.

Whatever the issue, whatever the time, we have your back in all emergency electrical situations.

We offer solutions for:

Power Outages

If you have an unexpected power blackout in your home due to a fault in your electrical system, our 24/7 rapid response team can get the malfunction repaired and power supply restored quickly for you. 

Circuit Breaker Failure

A breaker trips when it is overloaded, but if your circuit breaker keeps tripping for no apparent reason, there could be a short circuit in the system, which can only be diagnosed and fixed by a professional. 

Reach out to our licensed technicians, we can get you out of the darkness in no time.

Repeated problem with electrical appliances

Any problem with an electrical appliance or fixture that occurs frequently is not only annoying but could also be an electrical problem waiting to happen. 

Don’t compromise on your safety. We can inspect and repair your electrical emergency the same day.

Burnt/Sparking Power Outlet

Too much load on an outlet may cause it to heat up and burn. When the panel looks black/brown, it is indicative of a serious problem which, if left unattended, can lead to an electrical fire. Get in touch with our 24-hour emergency electrician for immediate repairs. 

Burning Smells

Foul or acrid odours as if the appliance or wiring is on fire is never a good sign. If you are worried about the constant burning smell, call us right away.

We can come right away to check your system thoroughly and do the needed repairs to get everything back in order.

Faulty Safety Switch

A safety switch is your line of defence against electrocution and must be kept in working order at all times. When the switch malfunctions, it can no longer provide protection from electrical shocks. 

Our 24-hour electricians can get the faulty switch replaced on the spot.

Blown Fuse

Lost power in the house and the likely culprit is a blown charred looking fuse? 

Don’t worry, we offer emergency blown fuse replacement any time of the day and install a new one to get your electricity back.

Switchboard Issues

Sizzling sounds or burning smells from the switchboard are tell-tale signs of something wrong with the board. If you notice these, immediately contact us and our team will provide the necessary switchboard upgrade.

Electrical problems can surface in a number of ways. An emergency cannot wait. Call us right away.

Speak to a friendly master electrician today!

Our emergency electrician in the Sutherland Shire, Inner West and Eastern Suburbs can come to your assistance right away. 

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