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Fault Finding Electrical Service

We offer fault detection services for residential and commercial properties.

Have you been experiencing constant tripping of power, or other electrical trouble you can’t find the cause of?

We offer reliable fault-finding services, and ensure the safety of your property by diagnosing and eliminating electrical faults that can cause serious damage if left unattended.

Signs Of An Electrical Fault

When something goes wrong with your electrical installations, some of the indications which should alert you to seek help from a licensed electrician, are:

These are all signs of an electrical fault, which point to an underlying problem within your circuits or wiring and therefore should not be taken lightly.

If any of these issues are cropping up around the house, then it is important for you to get your electrical system checked.

Our technicians are trained to conduct a thorough fault-finding process and get to the root of any malfunctioning circuit, appliance or cable.

Being industry experts and equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, we can identify faults in no time and make the necessary repairs.

Our Electrical Fault Finding Process

Our first step is to gather all information relevant to the problem.

We then analyse all available information and apply our knowledge and experience to pinpoint the fault or the potential area of its presence.

We then proceed with systematically reducing the identified potential areas of fault, until all that is left behind is the exact location of the fault.

Once we are successful in finding a fault in the electrical circuit, we carry out repairs or replacement as needed to fix the fault for good.

Our work is not finished here. We make sure to test and check the system before leaving to ensure the problem has been successfully resolved, and the system is back to optimum working order.

Emergency Fault Finding

Our fault-finding experts are on standby 24/7 so that we can resolve all your electrical issues at any time of the day.

If your switchboard is sparking, you smell burning wires or anything that feels alarming or dangerous, we are a call away to detect the fault to fix it at the minimum possible time.

Our electricians and vans are always ready to handle electrical emergencies and
will attend to your matters on a priority basis, as your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

For any dangerous or troublesome electrical situations, give us a call, and we will be there for immediate assistance.

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