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Employee working at room switch installation
Employee working at room switch installation

Smart & weatherproof power point solution for residential and commercial properties

We update your old wiring, and can install and replace classic, smart or weatherproof power points in accordance with your electrical needs.

Our services are available throughout the Sutherland shire, Georges River, Bayside, Eastern suburbs, Inner West and Sydney CBD.

Power Point Installation, Repair and Replacement

Whether you want to install new power points, upgrade current ones or replace a faulty power point, our electricians can handle it all.

With increasing reliance on electrical devices, it is important to have outlets that can charge and power more than one piece of equipment. We can install new power points in your homes, so you don’t need to overload existing outlets or make use of messy extension cords. Let us help you keep up with the growing usage of technology in a modern home.

Our electrical power point installation services can add smart power points which you can control through your smart devices, or weatherproof power points which power your outdoor spaces to make them the perfect places for entertaining.

Data & Phone Points

Data points are an effective way to reduce the load on your Wi-Fi network. Appliances which require internet connectivity, such as TVs, computers, CCTV cameras, can be connected directly to the network through a wired solution.

We can increase access to phone and internet outlets by adding extra data and phone points around your space. As a result, the wireless network is not crowded and you avoid slower speeds and drop outs.

The phone points are an easy way to improve communication in any household. By adding data & phone points, we can make access to the phone line possible from the comfort of every room in the house.

For further advice and assistance, give us a call today.

TV Points

Looking for more freedom in TV watching, where you enjoy your favourite show from anywhere around the house?

Our electrical TV point installation services can give you this flexibility.
We can add multiple TV outlets for you all over the house, so you can watch TV from any place, and all family members can watch programs of their choice at the same time.

For professional installation of TV antenna sockets, reach out to us today.

Electrical Rewiring Service

Wires run around the walls or ceiling, making it difficult to comprehend their condition. Here are some signs that can help you identify wiring problems.

Got defective or aged wiring? Reach out to us and give your wiring system an upgrade.

Faulty wiring can not only damage your appliances but cause other electrical accidents and fire.

Our rewiring services are aimed at eliminating the hazards of old wiring, keeping your house safe and maintaining compliance with Australian standards. You can trust us to do a thorough job so that not a single deteriorating wire is neglected in the process.

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