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Safely installed and optimally functioning safety switches.

By upgrading or installing safety switches, we can help keep your family, tenants or employees safe from electrical mishaps. Our 24/7 safety switch electrical service is available for the installation or repair of your safety switches.

With our services, we keep homes and commercial buildings protected throughout the Sutherland Shire, Inner West and Sydney CBD.

Safety Switch Installation

Safety switches are useful devices which cut power in case of electricity leakage from the circuit and prevent electric shock incidents.

For maximum safety and protection for your homes, we believe in installing safety switches on every circuit. That’s why we secure the circuits for lighting and power points, as well as pool filters, hot water systems and air conditioning.

Whether you want a switch for the main switch board of the house or for individual power points of an office, we can do the job for you.

Our qualified team can install the appropriate switch for your system so that everyone is protected on your property. We make sure your premises are completely safe and pass all safety inspections.

Types of Safety Switches

We have a variety of safety switches with different levels of protection to perfectly meet your needs. Our technicians are fully licensed and can install switchboards and all types of powerpoint switches (some switches can only be installed by a licensed electrician).

Switchboard Safety Switches

Protection for selected circuits and the appliances/ extension cords connected to them.

Powerpoint Safety switches

Use it as a replacement for the existing powerpoint, to protect all appliances and cords on any single circuit, which is connected to that power outlet.

Portable Safety Switches

This is a mobile protective device for electrical equipment which we advise using in areas if the other two types of safety switches are not applicable.

Same Day Safety Switch Repair

If the safety switch keeps tripping every time you try to use the kettle or iron your clothes, there is a problem.

Electrical safety switches can trip for several reasons. It could be a damaged wiring, voltage problem or a broken switch. Whatever it might be, it is always advisable to call a professional electrician to ensure the safety of your home and appliances.

Our licensed and insured electricians are available round the clock. No matter what time of the day you call us with a complaint, we will be there to fix the safety switch from tripping right away. We can easily replace the faulty switch on the spot and get your electrical system working quickly again.

Employee doing switch inspection
Employee doing switch inspection

Routine Testing Of Your Electrical Safety Switch

It’s important to check your safety switches regularly to ensure they are in working order. This is done by pressing the ‘Test’ or ‘T’ button on the switch, making it trip and therefore cutting power to the circuit, before resetting the switch back to the ‘On’ position.

If during the test, the switch doesn’t trip or after tripping won’t reset, it’s indicative of a fault in your electrical system.You need to turn off the power supply immediately and call us for assistance. Our team will readily arrive and fix the issue for you.

Enhance electrical safety of your residential or commercial properties.

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