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Skyco Trades offers expert electrical services in Kangaroo Point. With almost a decade of experience, our team of accredited and licensed Level 2 electricians is dedicated to serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We operate 24/7 to ensure that our local customers receive prompt and reliable service, no matter the time of day.

Standard Electrical Services in Kangaroo Point

We provide a comprehensive range of standard electrical services in Kangaroo Point. Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring safe and efficient electrical systems for homes and businesses. We handle various electrical tasks, ensuring that all installations, repairs, and maintenance are conducted to the highest standards.

Air Conditioning Services

Our air conditioning services include the installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning units. Our skilled technicians ensure that your air conditioning system operates at peak performance, providing a comfortable environment all year round. We work with a variety of air conditioning systems, ensuring they are installed correctly and maintained regularly to prevent issues and improve efficiency.

Power Point Installation

We offer professional power point installation services for residential and commercial properties. Whether you need additional power points or upgrades to existing ones, our electrician in Kangaroo Point ensures safe and efficient installations that meet your power requirements. Our team assesses your property to determine the optimal locations for new power points, ensuring they are installed securely and function properly.

Electrical Fault Finding

Our team is proficient in diagnosing and repairing electrical faults. We use advanced tools and techniques to identify issues and provide effective solutions, ensuring your electrical systems are safe and operational. From intermittent faults to complete power outages, our electricians have the expertise to troubleshoot and resolve various electrical problems, restoring normal function promptly.

Level 2 Electrician in Kangaroo Point

Our Level 2 electrician services include switchboard upgrades, disconnect reconnect, and electrical upgrade solutions, catering to more complex electrical needs. Our team of accredited and licensed electricians is equipped to handle these specialised tasks, ensuring all work complies with industry standards and regulations.

Switchboard Upgrades

Our electricians assess your current setup and recommend the best switchboard upgrade options to handle your electrical load and meet the latest standards. We also ensure that the upgrade process is smooth and minimally disruptive, providing you with a reliable and efficient electrical system.

Disconnect Reconnect

We provide disconnect reconnect services for properties undergoing renovations or requiring power supply changes. Whether you are renovating your property or making significant electrical changes, our team can handle the necessary disconnections and reconnections professionally and efficiently.

Electrical Upgrade Solutions

Our team handles upgrades from single-phase to three-phase power, ensuring increased capacity and improved performance. Upgrading to three-phase power is beneficial for properties with high power demands, as it provides a more stable and efficient power supply.

EV Charger Installation Services in Kangaroo Point

We support the transition to electric vehicles by offering EV charger installation services in Kangaroo Point. Whether you are a homeowner looking to install a charger for personal use or a business aiming to provide charging stations for employees and customers, we have the expertise to deliver the right solution.

Residential EV Charger Installations

A home EV charger installation involves assessing your electrical system, choosing a suitable charger, and ensuring it is installed correctly to meet safety standards. Our Kangaroo Point electrician will guide you through the entire process, from selection to installation, ensuring you have a reliable charging solution at home.

Commercial EV Charging Stations

Commercial EV charging stations enhance the appeal of your business by providing a valuable service to electric vehicle owners. We ensure that the installation is completed to the highest standards, providing a dependable charging infrastructure for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skyco Trades stands out due to our commitment to quality, 24/7 availability, and accredited Level 2 electricians. We provide comprehensive services that comply with Australian Safety Standards, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust. Our nearly decade-long experience and focus on delivering reliable, professional services set us apart in the industry.

A Level 2 electrician is required for more complex electrical work, such as switchboard upgrades, disconnect reconnect services, and significant electrical upgrades. If your project involves modifying the connection to the electricity network or requires a higher level of electrical expertise, a Level 2 electrician is necessary.

Installing an EV charger at home or your business offers several benefits. It provides convenience, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle whenever needed without relying on public charging stations. For businesses, providing EV charging stations can attract customers and enhance the appeal of your establishment. Additionally, having an EV charger supports the use of sustainable energy and promotes environmentally friendly practices.

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For professional and reliable electrical services in Kangaroo Point, reach out to Skyco Trades. Operating 24/7, we ensure that you receive timely and efficient service whenever you need it. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and schedule a service appointment.

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Have used Joel's electrical services twice over many years and for me, they were excellent. Great service, on time, clean and it all worked when they left. I would use them again.

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Paul DJ
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One of our outdoor power points got flooded because of the heavy storm. Joel arrived within 30 minutes and was able to quickly and efficiently find the problem and restore the power.He and his team also helped us identify and plan other fixes around the house. Highly recommend!

Nik Zavgorodniy
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