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Smoke Alarm Solutions For Homes, Businesses And Strata

In the event of a fire, a few seconds can make all the difference between life and death. With a smoke alarm installation, the occupants get a chance to safely escape, before the fire engulfs the entire building.

We install highly sensitive and fully functioning smoke alarms for residential, commercial, and strata properties in Sydney’s CBD, the Sutherland Shire and the surrounding suburbs.

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Hard Wired Smoke Alarm Installation

We supply, install and repair high-quality hardwired smoke alarms (also referred to as mains smoke alarms), for homes and small businesses, as well as for large-scale commercial projects and strata properties.

Our smoke alarm electrician connects these hard-wired smoke alarms with your property’s mains power supply along with a battery backup, so they can help save your precious asset and many precious lives, even when there’s a power outage. Our electricians can not only install smoke alarms, but they can also test your smoke alarms to ensure they are working optimally.

How We Position Your Smoke Alarms

Whether it’s a new build or an old construction, our qualified technicians understand the importance of proper placement of your smoke alarms. Therefore, we can recommend the most suitable spots for installing smoke and fire alarms on your property, so you are immediately notified when a fire incident occurs.

We install smoke alarms throughout your building in the following locations:

Benefits of Professional Smoke Alarm Installation

Working closely with our customers, we provide tailored smoke alarm solutions to suit your property and budget.

Here’s how our professional smoke and fire alarm installation guarantees safety for your property:

Hiring professional electricians for smoke alarm installation at your property saves you from a number of problems in the long run. Above all, you get total peace of mind knowing that you, your family, and your property will remain safe at all times.

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Smoke Alarm Maintenance Specialists

Your safety is our top priority. In order to keep you and your property safe against deadly fires, Skyco Trades offers a wide range of smoke alarm maintenance and safety testing services in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

With years of experience installing and repairing different types of smoke alarms, our electricians are fully equipped with the right tools and knowledge to repair all popular makes and models with complete confidence.

As part of our standard maintenance check, our smoke alarm electrician will:

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Sydney’s Trusted Smoke Alarm Installers

You can count on our professional smoke alarm installation and repair services to keep your home, business, or strata property safe during a fire incident.
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