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4 Key Points to Understand About Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a fantastic addition to any home, providing both a functional and visually appealing design element that keeps you cool and comfortable. However, selecting the right ceiling fan installation can be a daunting task. That’s why our team of experts at Skyco Trades is here to provide you with essential information about ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fans Are Effective for Cooling

Many Australians underestimate the cooling capabilities of ceiling fans. These installations are not only practical but also offer an economical solution to combat the heat, particularly during the summer months. By creating a wind-chill effect, ceiling fans ensure your comfort throughout the day. Moreover, installing a ceiling fan in your home can lead to a significant reduction of up to 30% in cooling costs.

Size Is Crucial

Choosing the appropriate fan size is crucial for optimal performance. You don’t want a fan that’s too large, as it can make the room feel cramped and generate excessive noise. On the other hand, a fan that’s too small won’t provide the desired cooling effect.

Additionally, for larger rooms, it may be necessary to install two ceiling fans to ensure adequate air circulation. In such cases, your installer will adjust the height of the fans accordingly.

Blade Size and Features Matter

Now that we understand the importance of size, it’s also essential to consider the appropriate blade size and ceiling fan features. Contrary to popular belief, the number of blades doesn’t significantly impact performance. Instead, larger blades are more efficient at low speeds, making them ideal for cooling purposes.

Selecting the Right Features

Ceiling fan models vary, and some are more user-friendly than others, such as the Martec. When making your choice, consult your installer about factors like light intensity, speed options, noise levels, and remote controls. After all, the fan model you select should simplify your life.

Your installation company will guide you in selecting the right motor, which plays a vital role in reducing noise and power consumption. Smaller motors tend to operate at higher temperatures, which can inadvertently warm the room.

At Skyco Trades, we specialise in masterful ceiling fan installations for both residential and commercial properties. Contact us today to discuss your ceiling fan requirements and let us assist you with your installation needs.


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