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5 Common Residential Electrical Problems to Be Aware Of

An old faulty outlet with a broken 220 volt power cord plugged in, sparkles with bright electrical dangerous sparks and produces a short circuit

Electricity is more than just for comfort; it’s essential. When left to handle electrical problems, you’re confronted with a complicated web of cables, potentially dangerous charges, and the burden of having no light. It’s crucial to understand the underlying reasons for these problems. This way, you can hire an electrician to remedy them and ensure your safety.

Circuit Breaker Issues

The circuit breaker is your electricity’s first line of protection against short-circuiting or overloading-related damage. It stops current flow when a defect is located, so it can alert you when there’s an electrical issue. A circuit breaker that trips frequently indicates that you may have serious electrical problems. If you experience this, get a certified electrician to check your house for indications of poor wiring, ground faults, and other serious issues.

Electricity Sags, Spikes, or Fluctuations

A surge is what occurs when the current flowing through the outlets in your home is increased due to a spike in charge in the power lines. Your appliances frequently experience quick on-and-off cycles during surges. Electronics can also be harmed and have their lifespans significantly reduced. Surges behave differently from sags and dips. Brown-outs, which are intermittent decreases in electrical voltage caused by sags and dips, drive the lights to briefly darken before brightening again. Small and large appliances can also produce electrical sags and dips.

High Electricity Costs

If your monthly statement leaves you perplexed as to how you are using so much electricity, there’s a chance you may be having electrical issues. Make sure to unplug any chargers and devices that aren’t in use. If any of these issues have been happening in your house for a time, call an electrician right away. Never try to repair any wiring on your own.

Dead Outlets 

When an outlet stops functioning, it usually signifies that the wiring was either defective or the outlet burned out. Trying to make a dead outlet operate could start a fire and seriously harm your house. It can show up as one or both plugs not functioning at the outlet and needs to be changed right away by an electrician. Dead outlets pose the same usage issues as few outlets, including significant safety risks, as homeowners will attempt to make up for them by overloading the ones that do operate. 

Electric Jolts

There can be a wiring issue if you get shocks when you touch a switch or device. Don’t try to diagnose the issue yourself; instead, get an electrician to check it out straight away. Inform family members about the malfunctioning appliance or switch and post a sign warning them not to touch it.

At Skyco Trades Electrical, we offer 24-hour emergency services that aim to give our clients peace of mind that all their electrical issues will be handled well. Contact us for nothing short of exceptional assistance.

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Have used Joel's electrical services twice over many years and for me, they were excellent. Great service, on time, clean and it all worked when they left. I would use them again.

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One of our outdoor power points got flooded because of the heavy storm. Joel arrived within 30 minutes and was able to quickly and efficiently find the problem and restore the power.He and his team also helped us identify and plan other fixes around the house. Highly recommend!

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