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Smoke Alarm Maintenance and Replacements

The upkeep of your smoke alarm is vital. Many people around the world have lost their lives because their smoke detectors didn’t warn them of a fire. Either because the batteries died, were removed to avoid false alarms, or the detector met the end of its lifespan. Smoke alarm replacements can help prevent these occurrences.

Does Your Current Smoke Alarm Work?

Testing your smoke alarm out is easier than you think. Look for the test button on the detector, and the alarm should go off. If a battery-powered alarm doesn’t sound off, it’s a sign you need to change the batteries and retest. Hardwire units that don’t work will require a complete replacement.

How Long Should Your Smoke Alarm Last?

The lifespan of a smoke alarm can last up to 10 years. Depending on the model you have, some alarms will let you know when it’s time for a replacement with a loud chirping sound near the end-of-life date.

Some don’t give this kind of warning, leaving you unprotected. That’s why you must keep your smoke alarm maintained so that you are consistently protected. Look out for a ‘replace by’ sticker. If your smoke alarm doesn’t have one, detach it at the base, to see the inside label.

When Should You Replace Your Smoke Alarm?

We suggest that if your smoke alarm is ten years old or more, it should be replaced. If it doesn’t have a date code indicating when it should be replaced, it’s best to replace it immediately, regardless of whether it passed the button test or not.

There’s a lot more we could tell you about smoke alarms, their features, maintenance schedules, and when a replacement is necessary. What you can do is give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team members to address your smoke alarm needs and more. Call us today.


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Have used Joel's electrical services twice over many years and for me, they were excellent. Great service, on time, clean and it all worked when they left. I would use them again.

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One of our outdoor power points got flooded because of the heavy storm. Joel arrived within 30 minutes and was able to quickly and efficiently find the problem and restore the power.He and his team also helped us identify and plan other fixes around the house. Highly recommend!

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