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Skyco Trades, established in 2015 by Joel Sleeman, is a trusted family-owned business that provides outstanding electrical services in Como. As electrician experts, our team comprises some of Sydney’s most skilled electricians, ensuring every project meets the highest standards of professionalism and reliability. Our objective is to provide each client with a thorough, efficient service that addresses all their electrical needs, from routine checks to complex installations, backed by years of experience and a deep understanding of local requirements.

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Standard Electrical Services in Como

We offer a full range of electrical services to residential and business customers in Como. Our proficient electricians ensure that all services satisfy the highest safety and effectiveness standards, including installing safety switches, ceiling fans, and LED lighting. Recognised for our reliability and detailed approach, we cater to each client’s specific residential electrical needs, ensuring that every solution we deliver is not only practical but also sustainable and safe. 

Our comprehensive service list also includes:

  • 24-hour emergency service: Immediate assistance is available around the clock for urgent electrical issues.
  • Smoke Alarms: Installation, maintenance, and testing of smoke alarms to keep your premises compliant with safety regulations.
  • Garden Lighting: Enhance the aesthetics and security of your outdoor spaces with customised garden lighting solutions.
  • Real estate/property management: Dedicated electrical services for real estate properties, ensuring all installations and maintenance are handled professionally.

Air Conditioning Services

In Como, where the climate demands reliable air conditioning, we offer expert installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our professionals are skilled in working with various air conditioning systems, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently throughout the year. With a focus on energy efficiency and quick response times, we strive to maintain your comfort and convenience with minimal disruption.

Powerpoint Installation

Effective power management within any building requires professionally installed power points. Our certified electricians provide expert power point installation services, ensuring each power point is correctly placed and safely integrated into your property’s electrical system. This attention to detail guarantees functionality and safety for homes and businesses, making us the go-to electrician in Como.

Electrical Fault Finding

Identifying and rectifying electrical faults requires a sophisticated understanding of electrical systems and the latest diagnostic technologies. We excel in electrical fault finding, offering quick and accurate resolutions to any electrical issue. Our experienced electricians in Como ensure that every fault is addressed promptly, restoring safety and functionality to your electrical systems with minimal downtime.

Level 2 Electrician in Como

We are proud to offer Level 2 electrician services in Como, providing electrical solutions that go beyond the capabilities of standard electricians. Our Level 2 electricians are accredited to handle complex, high-risk tasks such as connecting services to the electrical network, metering, and managing live wires. With the expertise to undertake significant electrical projects that require a higher level of certification, our team ensures that all work is performed safely and to the highest standards, adhering to all local regulations and requirements.

Switchboard Upgrades

As electrical demands continue to evolve, modern switchboards are becoming imperative. We perform switchboard improvements to increase the security and performance of your electrical systems. Our expert electricians in Como carefully assess your current setup and recommend upgrades that meet today’s standards and accommodate future technological advancements. This proactive approach ensures that your electrical system is robust and capable of handling increased electrical loads safely.

Disconnect Reconnect

Our disconnect and reconnect services are essential for safely managing your power supply during major renovations or when upgrading your electrical systems. Our team provides seamless disconnection and reconnection services, ensuring that your project proceeds without any interruptions to the electrical service. This critical service is handled with the utmost care and precision, minimising downtime and ensuring all components are correctly configured and fully operational.

Electrical Upgrade Solutions

We offer comprehensive electrical upgrade solutions to enhance your property’s functionality and energy efficiency. Whether you want to integrate smarter energy solutions or update ageing electrical components, our skilled electricians employ the latest technologies to deliver superior results. Each upgrade is designed to meet your property’s specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency that contribute to reduced energy costs and improved safety standards.

EV Charger Installation Services In Como

With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, Como’s demand for reliable EV charger installations is growing. We are equipped to meet this demand by providing efficient and timely installation services for both residential and commercial settings. As your Como electrician, we ensure that each installation is carried out with painstaking attention to detail while following all safety requirements and laws.

Residential EV Charger Installations

Installing an EV charger home brings numerous benefits, primarily convenience and increased property value. We guarantee expert installation services that ensure your home charger is set up efficiently and safely. We handle every aspect of the installation, from assessing your current electrical system’s capacity to the final testing phase, ensuring that your home charging station is ready to power your vehicle reliably and conveniently.

Commercial EV Charging Stations

For businesses in Como, installing commercial EV charging stations is a step towards modernisation and sustainability. We provide comprehensive installation services that not only cater to the needs of businesses looking to attract eco-conscious customers but also help reduce their operations’ carbon footprint. Our installations are designed to be robust, capable of handling high usage demands, and provide a significant return on investment by enhancing the accessibility of your commercial premises.

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For comprehensive and reliable electrical services, contact Skyco Trades today. We are ready to assist with all your electrical needs, ensuring professionalism and prompt service every time.

Our FAQ section addresses some of the most common questions about Skyco Trades’ electrical services, qualifications, and areas of operation. 


What makes Skyco Trades different from other Electricians in Gymea?

We stand out in the Gymea area due to our relentless commitment to customer satisfaction, reliability, and the expertise of our workforce. We ensure every team member is highly skilled and dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. 


How can I determine if I need a Level 2 electrician for my project?

A Level 2 electrician is required for any electrical work that involves direct connections to the electrical network, such as metering, service upgrades, or managing live wires. If your project includes these aspects or requires handling high-voltage systems, a Level 2 electrician is necessary to ensure compliance and safety.


What are the benefits of installing an EV charger at home or my business?

Installing an EV charger provides numerous benefits, including increased convenience, reduced fuel costs, and a lower carbon footprint. For businesses, offering EV charging can attract eco-conscious customers, enhance the company’s green credentials, and provide an additional revenue stream if paid charging is implemented.

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Have used Joel's electrical services twice over many years and for me, they were excellent. Great service, on time, clean and it all worked when they left. I would use them again.

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Paul DJ
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One of our outdoor power points got flooded because of the heavy storm. Joel arrived within 30 minutes and was able to quickly and efficiently find the problem and restore the power.He and his team also helped us identify and plan other fixes around the house. Highly recommend!

Nik Zavgorodniy
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